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  • 大木制?的肝油?生素?糖
  • 大木制?的肝油?生素?糖

KanyuVitamin Drops


Banana flavored soft cod liver oil drops containing vitamin A and vitamin D.
As well as helping to improve eyesight at night, vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes.
Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium in the digestive tract and helps with bone formation.

How to take

Aim to take 1 drop per day. Chew well before swallowing.

List of ingredients

Oligosaccharide (manufactured domestically), sucrose/gelatin, pectin, calcium carbonate, vitamin A, flavoring, vitamin D

Components / Quantities

Per 1 drop

Energy 3.68kcal
Protein 0.02g
Fat 0.00g
Carbohydrate 0.90g
Salt equivalent 0.02g
Vitamin A 300μg(39%)
Vitamin D 2.5μg(45%)
Values in () above show the proportions (%) that make up the 2015 standard nutritional display values (for those aged 18 and over with a basic caloric intake of 2,200kcal).

120 drops

Precautions for use
Storage method
Papa Jelly and Vitamin Jelly from Ohki Pharmaceutical